Mayor Hotels & Resorts is the strongest growing hotel management company in Greece in recent years. Having a diverse portfolio of hotels, which includes city hotels and resorts, adult and family hotels, four- and five-star hotels, it discovers the uniqueness of each hotel, studies its needs and sets new goals each time for its establishment in the market.
The staff of Mayor Hotels & Resorts provide innovative guidelines, penetrate the market and maximise financial results from the very first year, while satisfaction rates of hotel visitors remain high.
Mayor Hotels & Resorts Services
• General management of hotels

• Operations management:
  • General management of hotels
  • Staffing
  • Operational procedures
  • Visitor experience
  • Staff training
  • Quality control
• Expenditure controls:
  • Task
  • Hotel facilities and energy consumption
  • Procurement of materials
  • Housekeeping
• Organization and control of individual departments:
  • Accounting Department
  • Food and beverage department
  • Human resource department
• Marketing and sales:
  • Branding
  • Internet and website development
  • Planning of advertising
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Internet Distribution
  • Sales
  • Management of comments
• Development of new hotelsGeneral management of hotels
After conducting a thorough study of each hotel, the Mayor Hotels & Resorts team provides a broad range of customised services and comprehensive organisation proposals, and helps hotel owners achieve the desired results.
Having invested in experienced staff with many years of experience, Mayor Hotels & Resorts provides an innovative and holistic hotel management, growth and consulting model.

Operations management 

General management of hotels:
Mayor Hotels & Resorts can undertake to hire, supervise and evaluate the performance of the General Manager, or train and supervise the hotel’s existing management.

The right hierarchy and structure are of crucial importance and the only way to success. Our team undertakes to evaluate all the hotel’s posts with the General Manager in order to achieve maximum performance and the simultaneous minimisation of costs.

Operational procedures:
The staff of Mayor Hotels & Resorts study the operation of each hotel, evaluate any existing, standardised operational procedures and suggest changes depending on the need to optimise the results of each department. Subsequently, the implementation of new procedures is coordinated in collaboration with the hotel’s General Manager.

Visitor experience:
Important factors that determine our actions are visitor comments and the rate of their satisfaction. After taking into account the different evaluations of the hotel provided on platforms by visitors who have used its services, an evaluation is conducted of the arrival and departure procedures, the hospitality services throughout the property, as well as the amenities offered, so as to determine its effectiveness and make recommendations for improvements.

Staff training:
Our human resources department controls the quality of the services provided at the hotel, evaluates the staff and studies – in collaboration with the hotel’s General Manager – the current staff-training procedures. This is followed by the proposal of changes or the implementation of additional programmes in order to maximise the performance of the hotel’s staff.

Quality control:
A team of Mayor Hotels & Resorts staff conducts surveys and controls, and implements programmes for monitoring operations and ensuring the constant improvement of quality across all the hotel’s departments. Another of our team’s tools is the specially-designed evaluation platform for customers, who may be asked for their opinion by staff members. These comments are used to measure the performance of the hotel, evaluate the individual departments, and take the necessary corrective measures and immediate corrective actions.

Expenditure controls

A Mayor Hotels & Resorts staff team intensively monitors the production process of each hotel and controls the timetables and staff levels in relation to hotel requirements. Finally, the necessary changes for the optimisation of results are proposed at the lowest possible cost and at the highest rate of customer satisfaction.

Hotel facilities and energy consumption:
The Mayor Hotels & Resorts construction and maintenance team checks the hotel’s facilities, equipment and fixed assets. It then proposes technical maintenance changes, estimates the necessary upgrades and purchases, and recommends changes for reducing energy consumption. A design is prepared for all the above and a budget and timetable for the delivery of the project is provided, if requested.

Procurement of materials:
The procurement department of Mayor Hotels & Resorts checks the purchases of each hotel, the product procurement prices, the ordering method and the existing financial agreements. We have contracts at the national and regional level with large procurement companies, which allows us to ensure the acquisition of quality goods at the best possible price for our hotels. Following a detailed study of all the hotel’s departments, a file is delivered including recommended suppliers and ordering procedures, as well as profitable financial agreements, while always aiming at the best possible quality and customer satisfaction.

One of our experts checks the labour cost management of the housekeeping department, conducts inspections of the rooms, analyses the use of chemical detergents, evaluates the selection of linen as well as the levels of stock and damages.Organization and control of individual departments


Staff members of Mayor Hotels & Resorts who have many years of experience in the auditing process and labour issues, inspect the hotel’s accounting department, its financial agreements and the cash flow statement, and then draw up a work timetable (daily, weekly, monthly, annual, etc.) and ensure that the necessary procedures are thoroughly carried out.

They subsequently recommend changes, train the team and give them a series of files that are to be delivered to the hotel’s management for the purpose of checking that the agreed procedures are observed and applying a goal-oriented approach to achieving the hotel’s monthly/annual financial target. Organization and control of individual departments


Having formed strategic collaborations with world-renowned chefs and advisers, the food and beverage department of Mayor Hotels & Resorts can guide your hotel in order to provide a complete package of unique taste experiences, resulting in its establishment as a culinary destination.

The restaurants and bars of any hotel serve as our allies in increasing the profits of the hotel and maximising customer satisfaction.

Below are a few examples of the services included in the food and beverage department:

  • Creation of comprehensive proposals and composition/selection of flavours (based on the location of the hotel, local products and the origin of the majority of visitors)
  • Planning of menus for dining areas
  • Food tasting
  • Cost accounting, cost control and pricing of products
  • Staff recruitment (if requested) and training
  • Photographing of products and dining areas
  • Creation of marketing and sales policies



Effective management of human resources is necessary for the growth of the organisation and the provision of a complete hospitality experience. The hotel personnel’s positive attitude is closely tied to the positive experiences of visitors.

The human resources department of Mayor Hotels & Resorts, having conducted a study of the necessary operational positions of your hotel, assists in the evaluation of candidates (from the available supply and from the updated platform of Mayor Hotels & Resorts) and recommends the best candidates for the requested positions. In collaboration with the hotel’s General Manager, training programmes are organised, which have been designed to ensure that employees have the necessary training and information, depending on their post, in order to be able to carry out their duties based on the targets that have been set, as well as the achievement of maximum customer satisfaction.

The human resources team of Mayor Hotels & Resorts is always at the disposal of the hotel’s executives in order to provide them with support, solutions and options. Lastly, we provide integrated payroll programs and files that help to organise the departments, optimise operations, minimise costs and keep the hotel within the approved budget.

Marketing and Sales

The creation and maintenance of a marketable trademark is the cornerstone on which the entire marketing strategy is built. Mayor Hotels & Resorts uses its creative experience to improve the effectiveness of existing logos and printed material owned by the hotel in order to improve the visitor’s experience and leave its lasting mark.

Internet and website development:
The marketing and promotion of a hotel via the internet plays an important role in its success, in boosting sales and establishing its position in the market.

All the above require a deep understanding of consumer behaviour, and in combination with extensive market research, the necessary actions are taken in order to ensure a positive return on the investment. At the same time, marketing campaigns are planned, which are converted into bookings and improve visitor experiences.

The electronic commerce team of Mayor Hotels & Resorts applies an integrated approach to sales and marketing in order to maximise the effectiveness of the hotel website by highlighting the hotel’s strengths.

Relevant reports are forwarded every month in order to verify the results of exposure on the internet.

The visitor’s experience begins before their arrival at the search engines. Upon booking, a sense of hospitality is created and vertical sales actions are put in place. Then, following their departure, contact should be kept with them for months in order to create loyal customers.

Planning of advertising:
Advertising campaigns must be planned and implemented properly so as to avoid ineffectiveness and wasting money. The know-how of Mayor Hotels & Resorts staff in the media market is the key to creating successful promotional advertisements, resulting in high returns on investments and the ability to take advantage of unique opportunities. High quality and consistency in terms of the hotel’s identity serve as guides in the planning process.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM): On a daily basis, the e-Commerce analysts of Mayor Hotels & Resorts monitor and research updates that are implemented on large search engine websites. This approach helps to quickly detect changes in the search engine algorithm and allows for strategic planning so as to ensure that the hotel website is directly accessible to visitors.

Search engine marketing campaigns are often recommended (such as: Google Adwords, pay-per-click text ads, display of advertising banners, social media campaigns via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest).

Internet Distribution:
The sales team of Mayor Hotels & Resorts has in-depth knowledge of the Global Distribution System and of the method for effectively managing the rates and available rooms that are funnelled and distributed to various websites.

The information displayed is checked in terms of accuracy and includes rich photographic content and the exact location of the hotel.

The sales staff of Mayor Hotels & Resorts study each hotel, its strengths, its competitors and its market position. They then categorise the room types and enter into contracts with the most profitable markets and travel agents; they guide and train the booking department staff and provide the necessary sales tools. At the same time, they set the suitable maximum commitments permitted by the market demand and develop a competitive strategic pricing policy with the aim of maximising revenues during the operation of the hotel, while providing solutions for increasing sales during periods of low demand. Individual hotel websites are designed using contemporary platforms for making direct bookings and for providing online visitors access to all necessary information, including information on room availability. Strategic collaborations with airline companies, credit card companies, car rental agencies, tour guides and other associates have been included so as to ensure effective promotion to targeted groups and markets at all stages.

Bookings are then monitored constantly with the help of modern technology, cutting-edge booking systems and via reports on yield-revenue management, the maximisation thereof and the determination of the hotel’s staff and stock based on bookings. The sales team of Mayor Hotels & Resorts aims at the increase of each hotel’s market share and at surpassing the goals that have been set. Through constant monitoring and flexibility, the individual needs of each hotel are met and the opportunities to increase revenues are maximised.

Management of comments:
The staff in the marketing and sales department, in collaboration with the hotel’s booking staff, stay updated on a daily basis and check visitor comments on the internet. They provide instructions on how to monitor comments more comprehensively, as well as guidance on crisis management and on how to respond correctly to negative comments.

Development of new hotels

Mayor Hotels & Resorts’ proven experience in setting up and developing hotels has come to provide solutions to the setting up of new hotels, guided by the desires of every owner of a plot or hotel in the pipeline. The staff of Mayor Hotels & Resorts and its financial department undertake the entire process until delivery and opening.

Below are a few examples of our services:

  • preparation of a budget
  • capital and investment return procedure
  • architectural designs of the hotel (including photorealistic rendering)
  • finding the hotel’s identity
  • development of a corporate identity and distinctive trademark
  • coordination of crews, construction and technical works
  • furnishing and orders for the hotel
  • design of all the hotel’s departments
  • recruitment and training of personnel
  • representation of the hotel in the markets
  • hotel sales (bookings)
  • setting up a website and promoting the hotel

Our experience has shown us that intensive study and attention to every little detail lead to the success of a hotel. The first step includes the analysis of the market and a comprehensive view of the market and the competition. Conducting a strategic analysis in order to identify the gaps in the market and creating a strong competitive advantage for the new hotel is the key to success from the very first day of operation.


that need to be met by the collaborating hotel

  • It must be a 4 or 5 star hotel
  • It must be located at a spot that provides competitive advantages
  • It must have (or want to acquire) a corporate identity
  • It must have at least 20 rooms
  • Each room must be at least 20 square metres
  • Its furniture must be in excellent condition
  • The annual maintenance work on the building facilities must have been carried out
  • The number of restaurants and bars must be according to its size (or it must have available spaces in which additional health-regulated establishments can be created)
  • It must have a gym and area providing exercise programmes
  • It must have a spa, as well as areas where face and body treatment services can be provided
  • Its visitor satisfaction rate on internet platforms must be over 75%.

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