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Sustainability Report | Mayor capo di Corfu

The report outlines our policies and management practices, as well as our company targets and achievements.

We would like to warmly welcome you to Mayor Capo di Corfu!

Mayor Capo Di Corfu is located at the south part of the island, 2 kilometers from Lefkimmi, in Agios Petros. Within majestic greenish gardens and in front of a golden, sandy beach, awarded with the Blue Flag for 2017, you can create memories of your vacation with your loved ones, memories to cherish, memories to take back with you at home. Mayor Capo Di Corfu rooms are recently renovated to satisfy every visitor’s needs. Our hotel complex is built in a analogy of small village, making it very easy and convenient to navigate through its unique facilities and services access!

However, the flawless hospitality does not stop at the doorstep of your room. Unwind at our pools along with an iced coffee or a summer cocktail, exercise your tennis and ping-pong skills or indulge into the taste of premium gastronomy of our restaurants and, just, feel free to feel.


Introducing Sustainbility

The definition of “sustainability” is the study of how natural systems function, remain diverse and produce everything it needs for the ecology to remain in balance. It also acknowledges that human civilization takes resources to sustain our modern way of life. With that in mind Mayor Capo di Corfu is assuming responsibility and striving constantly to decrease its impact on the environment and fulfill its environmental vision.

Environmental sustainability is the ability to maintain rates of renewable resource harvest, pollution creation, and non-renewable resource depletion that can be continued indefinitely.

Economic sustainability is the ability to support a defined level of economic production indefinitely.

Social sustainability is the ability of a social system, such as a country, to function at a defined level of social well being indefinitely.



The hotel extends in a flat area on the upfront of a long stretch sandy beach with a view to the Greek mainland. The hotel consists of:

  • 296 family friendly rooms in bungalows amidst lush gardens
  • Picturesque idyllic beach awarded with the Blue Flag certification
  • Casual all day dining
  • Buffet restaurants
  • 2 fresh water adult swimming pools and 1 children’s padding pool
  • Pool, Lobby and Beach bars
  • Children’s club playground and waterslides
  • Theater
  • Sports facilities
  • Mini market (with organic products on sale)


Additional information:

  • Total number of employees is 185 persons
  • The majority of our guests come from France, Germany, Poland and the UK while is visited in a smaller percentage by all European countries.



We are committed to respecting our associates’ rights to fair treatment and equal opportunity, free from discrimination based on - but not limited to - race, religion, national origin, age,sex, sexual orientation or disability. An annual staff evaluation are based on objective criteria, i.e. qualifications, experience, knowledge, skills, abilities and performance.

We do not employ children. In case of employment of minors 15 to 18 years, we do it in full compliance with the provisions of the labor law.

We comply with the Labor Law to ensure a healthy and safe working environment and follow the provisions by the Employees Physician and Safety Technician thereby minimizing the likelihood of accidents at work and exposure to health hazardous factors.

Mayor Capo di Corfu has created new job positions and additional sources of income for local people. We are committed in hiring locally and locals represent the vast workforce majority.


Employees’ statistics

  • 2016 Total employees: 135
  • 2017 Total employees: 185











Mayor Capo di Corfu is a hotel showcasing high levels of environmental consciousness and social awareness, which never misses the opportunity to prove its strong commitment to protecting our home: The earth and its people.

Committed to minimize and make the best out of the hotel’s impact and interaction with the local environmental, social, economic and cultural structures existing in the island of Corfu. The hotel is determined and takes specific action, in order to positively contribute to the protection and preservation of the environment and cultural heritage, to the social coherence and the economic florescence of its properties’ surroundings.

Knowing the unbreakable relationship between tourism and environment, we created and still work on an important project for both the local community and the environment in general.

  • Environmental policy in place.
  • We try to choose suppliers who as well invest in sustainable management and environmental friendly procedures.
  • Encourage the development and integration of sustainable technologies.
  • Strive to reduce the use of water and energy, and to re-use and recycle resources consumed during our activity, where possible.
  • Include customers, partners, suppliers and our contractors in our efforts to protect the environment.
  • Monitor, record and prepare a report on our environmental performance on a regular basis and take business decisions that take into account these commitments.
  • Disclose the policies, practices and programs to all our partners.




Creating the necessary infrastructure for a sustainable energy management that reduces energy needs and aims to maximize the use of renewable energy has been the key consideration in the design of our facilities.

The energy consumption from the operation of the resort is monitored and recorded An action plan has been drawn up to further reduce energy consumption. These actions include:

Completion of the installation of low energy technology lighting (LED) in public guest areas. So far more that 95% of the low energy technology lighting has been installed.

Adjustment of the room temperature that ensures maximum guest comfort and optimum energy consumption.

New purchases in order to replace old high energy consuming equipment.

Key cards or magnets to switch off lights when guests leave the room.

Realizing the importance of water and understanding the intense drought problem our country isfacing, especially during the summer months, we skipped ahead to the following actions:

Water efficient filters and mixing taps in most bathrooms (flow control devices).
Automatic irrigation systems in all our garden areas.
The watering of our gardens takes place very early in the morning to prevent water waste.




Recycling has always been an integral part of the environmental awareness of Mayor chain hotels. All recyclable materials are collected and sent for recycling.


Used oil & fats are collected.
Recycle bins for recycling batteries, plastic, glass, paper.
We undertake efforts to limit the use of disposable products.
The reuse of paper for internal use. We choose returnable glass - bottles wherever available.
Recycle bins are available for our guests.
Support of the local transport.




It is well known that chemicals have really bad affects directly on man or indirectly via food, crops, livestock, wildlife or climate before the substance is released. In order to make a safer usage of chemicals we skipped ahead to the following actions:


We apply environmental criteria when purchasing cleaning agents.
Use of chemicals is limited and organic farming methods are applied.
Use of local plants in the garden that need less water and are more resistant to the local climate.
The daily control of the swimming pools in order to use the minimum amount of chemicals and other substances.
Minimum use of chemicals in garden area and housekeeping department.




As guests of this planet we want to ensure an extended and more enjoyable stay for all of us. Our mission to care for the communities we call home includes a deep commitment to care for the natural environment on which we all depend. Therefore we give great attention in order to encourage our visitors to put their efforts towards the above goal:

  • Encouraging guests to save energy
  • Guests’ involvement in our environmental activities such as Blue flag ceremony
  • Encouraging guests to use public transportation
  • Encouraging guests to use cycling or trekking for exploring the hotel’s surroundings
  • Encouraging guests to support recycling




  • Weekly presentation of local coffee
  • Greek cooking lessons by members of the management every Thursday 11.00
  • Greek dancing performances every Wednesday 21.30
  • We organize activities, which are inspired by the traditions of Corfu
  • Local events Promotion (local concerts, theater plays, local feasts & celebrations etc.)
  • Support of local excursions/shops and sights to our guests
  • Provided audiovisual equipment for the Greek festivities




However, this is only the beginning .Over the next few years we will address new and major challenges in order to fulfill our vision in responsible and sustainable ways. Our collective efforts will increasingly focus in the areas where we think Mayor Capo di Corfu can have the greatest impact - creating pathways to opportunities for young people, building stronger and thriving communities and preserving our environment.


We hope to continue getting closer to the ideal leading and socially relevant company with the ambition to continue contributing with our activity to breaking down barriers and fostering socio- economic development of the destination where we operate.


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