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  • If you are planning to visit Corfu with the kids, you’ll be thrilled to know that our homeland has a plethora of fantastic activities for the entire family. Corfu is one of those blessed places that has so much to show for. Although most would be more than content in visiting the many blue flag beaches of Corfu, the island’s multifaceted charm doesn’t even begin to end there. Corfu is a verdant paradise that is steeped in history and culture as well as amply able to feed your m...
  • Corfu is one of those Greek islands that is able to offer visitors much, much more than the usual triplet of sun, sand and sea. Yes, Corfu is home to many truly spectacular beaches, some of which Mayor Hotels are blessed to call our own. However, it is also an island that boasts immense natural wealth, offering endless possibilities for alternative experiences that make your time here all the more rewarding. So, if you are a nature lover especially, seeking to discover the destination through it...
  • Now is the best time to plan that summer getaway to Corfu you have always wanted. Close your eyes and picture your ideal island holiday setting. Does it include phenomenal sea views into the blue of the Ionian? Up-scale facilities and services that will wrap you in warm hospitality, ensuring your time is well spent? Are there few people around, making your holiday a peaceful one where you can just be still and mindful in the quietude that prevails? This is what your summer getaway to Corfu will...
  • After a very difficult year for everyone, now is your chance to take some time to replenish your energy, physically and mentally, with a safe holiday to a destination like the cosmopolitan island of Corfu! An adults-only holiday could be just the thing for parents who desperately need some alone time away, or for adults who value the quietude and calmness more than anything.    Choosing one of our adult-only hotels in Corfu such as seafront Mayor Mon Repos Palace Art Hotel in Cor...
  • Season 2020 was a tough year for everyone. The global pandemic of Covid-19 came to shift the way we interact with the world around us. It changed the way we work, socialize and by extension, holiday, making us rethink our patterns of behaviour in the name of staying healthy and Covid-free. We have had to deal with restrictions on travel, maintaining social distancing and carrying out countless hygiene protocols for ensuring everyone’s safety. This year has been a challenge for some, while...
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