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  • We are delighted to announce the group wide Mayor Hotels Black Friday Offer 2021 that gives our prospective guests 30% off on all our accommodation rates across all four of our Corfu hotels.    Don’t miss this limited-time, exclusive 30% discount, valid only for bookings made between 19th November and 1st December 2020, for staying anytime in 2021!    Why this offer?    You can now save a significant 30% on our rates by grabbing this offer wi...
  • Season 2020 was a tough year for everyone. The global pandemic of Covid-19 came to shift the way we interact with the world around us. It changed the way we work, socialize and by extension, holiday, making us rethink our patterns of behaviour in the name of staying healthy and Covid-free. We have had to deal with restrictions on travel, maintaining social distancing and carrying out countless hygiene protocols for ensuring everyone’s safety. This year has been a challenge for some, while...
  • Today, one of the most bittersweet seasons we have ever experienced comes to an end. The year 2020 has been an emotional roller coaster for millions of people worldwide. Yet, the global pandemic, which changed our lives drastically and dramatically, made us rethink the way we do things: work, socialize and, of course, vacation. We realised the need to be more aware, more diligent, more composed and more considerate, securing safer environments for us and our loved ones. It may not have been a ye...
  • It’s been a hard year for all of us. No one could anticipate the blowback that the recent global virus would have on our daily lives, and by consequence, the way we holiday. However, when the game changes, we can learn to adapt to the new rules in order to rise above the obstacles that life puts in our way. And somehow, we can still make it work. Armed with plenty of composure and a need to keep our guests smiling and feeling safe, we developed a holiday haven that adheres to all...
  • This summer is a different summer, but at Mayor Hotels we have gone to great lengths to assure our guests that their health, safety and peace of mind is a guarantee during their holidays here. We are following all the guidelines set for the hospitality industry by the book and have procedures in place which meticulously monitor operations, ensuring that all measures are being adhered to.    From the point of arrival and check-in, to in-room and common areas cleaning, to the new w...
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